5 Beautifully Executed LGBTQ Video Ads

With every passing year, it seems that more and more advertisers are showcasing LGBTQ people in their ads. I don’t want to distract from that important progress, because it’s something we have fought for years to achieve. However, now that LGBTQ advertising is a little more mainstream, it’s not enough to simply include queer people in your videos and call it a day. Your ads need to be powerful and deliberate to change the hearts and minds of consumers.

Here are some of my favorites:


It’s queer and diverse without showing any ‘gay specific’ moments. It’s obvious queer people were cast and crucial to the message. The upbeat music and captivating camera transitions keep you watching.


Sabra’s ad does a great job of showing cultural icons that resonate with all different types of people. For the queer specific audience, it was smart to choose a queen like Miz Cracker - as you can recognize her voice from across the room.


As an LGBTQ person, whether you’ve been in this exact situation or not, you instantly know the feeling of the boyfriend at his partner’s family party. Etsy’s ad makes you feel comforted in a situation that involves family - a place many people feel unwelcome around the holidays.


Even though it’s a long spot, I think it works since it’s for a camera brand. The piece invokes a strong emotional response - perhaps more than any other ad I’ve ever seen.


Gillette’s choice to take their hyper-masculine brand and have trans representation was truly revolutionary. The main reason the ad was so impactful was because of how unexpected it was.

All 5 of these ads are very different from one another, but they were clearly fit tested for their respective brands. If you're looking to create a video to reach the LGBTQ community and don't know where to start, reach out. We are happy to help!

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