8 Ways to Boost Your Video Content

Video Marketing in 2020

Video remains the biggest marketing trend of the year, and with 92% of marketers saying it's an important part of their strategy, it’s really something your campaign can’t live without. With the continued evolution of social media, and all the time we spend on our devices these days, there’s always something new to stay on top of the latest trends in motion graphics. Whether it’s through your own website, a placement on a partner site, or on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, or a combination of the above, let's explore a few different ways to make video and motion graphics work for you.

1. Quick Animations, Repeating Movement

Starting small, this type of movement is meant to be eye-catching. Our eyes are so used to scrolling past photos and still graphics these days, if one of those graphics starts moving, even subtly, it stands out from the rest. Whether it’s a product advertisement or just a holiday message, using this type of short video as a brand tool could be just the edge you need to capture someone’s attention.


HubSpot Video


HubSpot Video


2. Animated Type

The longer you can get someone to watch your video, the better chance you have of them taking more of an interest in you. Animating your message is one way to get someone to stop scrolling and read for a few seconds. It should be slow enough to be readable, but not so slow that you bore the person. Really thinking out your voice and what your brand stands for can help with the messaging, which is key with this type of video.


HubSpot Video


HubSpot Video


3. Bring It All Home

Once you’ve caught their attention and delivered your message, it’s a good idea to include who you are in the video. That way, if it gets shared online the branding will stay with the content and people will know who created it. While it shouldn’t be in your face, the more consistently you subtly brand your content, like this social media post for Reve | Realtors, the more viewers will associate you with creating great content.


HubSpot Video


HubSpot Video


4. Still Photography

If you only have still photos to use, you can still get in the motion game. Use a slideshow with some fun transitions to show your range of content. This works particularly well on a website, where real estate is at a premium, like at AOO Events. Or, create a promotional video that highlights a good selection of the photographs along with your message, in a fun way, like this one for Reve | Realtors.


HubSpot Video


HubSpot Video


5. Instructional Video

Users view more than 1 billion hours of video every day though YouTube, and data says more than half of those are there to learn something. The Youtube community is full of videos of people teaching what they know, so if you have knowledge on a subject, why not get in the game? It’s a good way for people to find out about you and become an established leader in your community. Armando and Shauna at Leduc Entertainment appeal to wedding clients by shooting a series of interviews with experts called “The Wedding Minute”.


6. Face Time

To stay in the forefront of people’s minds, it’s necessary to keep in front of their eyes. One of the quickest and easiest ways to do this, especially when it comes to social media, is to get the camera in front of your face and talk. It may be awkward at first but if you can directly connect with your audience you become human and personable. Make it entertaining and interesting and you’re suddenly someone your audience loves to follow. This works especially well with 24 hour stories, and it doesn’t have to be 100% planned to the word. Some of the best at this type of marketing can just get on and chat about a subject, like Lacy at @dpgbranding.

7. Narrative and Series

With 73% of users worldwide on social media preferring to see videos that are “entertaining”, longer videos and series with narrative are among the fastest growing trends in video marketing. 15 seconds to 2 minutes is the sweet spot, or even longer depending on your audience. Whether it’s a heartwarming dog rescue, a beauty routine gone wrong, debunking the latest myth, or a fun comedy series like our partners at NOTMC, we all love a good entertainment binge.



8. Live Streams and Webinars

The rise of social media and video chat means there are more ways than ever to use video to market your brand, and “going live” is one of the biggest trends this year. 57% of marketers use some form of live video. Host a live event, webinar, Q&A session, or Zoom meetup to reach your audience in real time. Be sure to make it available afterwards to reach people who didn’t catch the event in real time.


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