Communify is a Change Agency

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We are in an age of change.  Many of us reimagined how we work and how we live because of COVID.
Mayor Pete became the first openly gay Cabinet member. 
Kamala Harris became the first woman and first POC to be Vice President.
Rachel Levine is the first openly transgender federal official.

For some of us, these are transformational moments. Moments where we see ourselves proudly reflected in the country we love in a new way. It makes us feel part of the community.

We just finished our annual Communify retreat where we strategized our year and transformed our core values. Over the past year, we’ve grown stronger as a team and are focused on raising the bar for ourselves and our partners (formerly called clients). 

Communify is a Change Agency. 

An agency that pushes ourselves and our partners to create a better world. An agency that seeks out long term partners to be more integral in the company’s transformation and growth. An agency that cares. 

We are: 

Mood Lifters: Our goal is to make the process easy and enjoyable for our partners. Frowny faces shouldn’t last long.

Problem Solvers: We find strategic ways to control your craziness by coming up with unique, yet pragmatic solutions.

Creative Thinkers: Our distinctive personalities bring diversified knowledge helping us evolve and bring big ideas to life. 

Change Makers: We seek to partner with progressive companies and organizations helping advance positivity in the world.

There is a lot of crazy happening around us, but we can only control what we can control. As Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 

That’s our goal.

Ready to change the world?

Dustin Woehrmann
Written by Dustin Woehrmann
I landed in New Orleans and love this city full of culture and creativity. Love coffee. Love being creatively challenged. Have grown to like brussel sprouts.

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