The Importance Of Marketing During COVID-19

Let’s be real for a moment, COVID-19 is scary. There’s a lot of uncertainty out there. But here’s one thing that is certain, being proactive when it comes to your business can help you feel in control in a time when so much is out of your control. We want to make sure your business not only survives but thrives long after this pandemic has passed. So, we’ve put together 4 things you can do right now to help your business weather this health storm. 

Move Those Billboard Dollars To Your Social Media

Take those dollars you would have spent on out-of-home billboards, event sponsorships, and media campaigns and repurpose that money to make your social media more impactful. Boost posts and hire an agency to up your social media game. Getting a professional to help you concept and design posts can give your content more of an impact and that can translate to more business once this pandemic passes. During this time more people are looking at social media so you have a captive audience right now. Take advantage of it.

A beautiful new homepage for a websiteConsider updating your website to let your customers know the latest with your business (Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash)

Make Your Website Do The Hard Work For You

With so many people working from home, having a website that is not only functional but user-friendly is more important than ever. For many businesses, updating your website usually takes a back-burner. But with many brick and mortar businesses moving their sales online, this is the perfect time to make your site work harder for you. We can help you not only make your website user-friendly and mobile compatible, but we can also help you build an online store. 

Hollywood Can't Get Facelifts Right Now, But Your Logo Can

Logos need love too. If you haven’t updated your logo since Clinton was President, now is the time. Investing in giving your logo a more modern look and feel can not only spark interest in your brand and your business but make your brand feel less dated. To get started on updating your logo, look at brands you admire. Take screenshots of their logos and jot down what you like about it. Is it the color? The font choice? The iconography? The more specific you are the better. Think about the emotion you want to convey with your new logo. Do you want it to feel fun? Smart? Friendly? Share it all with your graphic designer to give them a starting point as to the type of logo you’re looking for.

A wall of post-its for a brainstorming session

A thoughtful brainstorm can help reenergize your marketing during this uncertain time (Photo by Hugo Rocha on Unsplash)


Hire An Agency Ao Do A 1-Hour Brainstorm Session With You

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you. Hiring a marketing or advertising agency for a brainstorming session allows you to bounce around ideas before you commit to anything. These types of sessions also give you an opportunity to expand on your ideas and make them even stronger as well as come up with new ones you may never have thought of. During this time you can talk about everything and anything – your website, your logo, your social media, and even a fundraiser or a community outreach idea. In addition, these sessions can inspire you at a time when inspiration can feel hard to come by. 

Interested in talking more about how to make the most out of marketing during COVID? Contact us. We’d love to help your business in any way we can. 

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