The Making of a Holiday Card


ryan [12:45 PM]
Quiet on set! Cue cameras…AANND ACTION!!
Let’s create holiday cards with all of our pets in Santa costumes!!
Grace, Oliver, Bunny, Teddy, Mona, Chloe

amanda [7:35 PM]
Cat sitting on a red chair
hmm… we can’t really get all our pets together and this has to be done quick. Also I don’t have a santa hat and it's sunny. Maybe we can photoshop/draw them all into the same scene, and add the hats later? or do you mean individual cards for each animal? here’s my cat.


Day 2

ryan [9:52 AM]
bird on a skateboard
I was thinking we'd be in the pictures with them if possible. Nah, not individual cards for each animal. Here's mine. His name is Bird.

philharmonic [9:53 AM]
Your pet is a bird on a skateboard named Bird?

ryan [9:57 AM]
Yea, he's a cockatiel. Couldn't think of a name I really liked so my parents and I just called it Bird and that kinda stuck. Whenever we wanted him to fly over to us, we'd just say "Come here Bird" and he'd land on your shoulder and poop.
The skateboard was just a toy but let's keep that in the pic. Maybe add some Christmas lights to the skateboard and some antlers on his head.
Is that possible?

beaumoss [10:03 AM]
hmmm ok.... ill take a first stab at this today

philharmonic [10:15 AM]
A dog laying on a dog bed
She just woke up from a bad dream or something but this is the best i can get. She took off somewhere.

ryan [10:36 AM]
She looks terrified @phillip. How do we make this "merry"??

philharmonic [10:42 AM]
I don’t know. Beau can just photoshop it.

dustin [11:04 AM]
A dog wrapped in a blanket
Here's Grace! Maybe she could be coming out of a wreath or something...?

beaumoss [1:14 PM]
okay guys, here’s what i came up with! Let me know what you think
Communify Holiday Card R1

philharmonic [1:19 PM]
That doesn’t look very new orleans’y … it doesn’t snow here.

dustin [1:20 PM]
I feel like Grace is getting lost in the wreath now that I’m seeing it.

ryan [2:18 PM]
I'm not sure this is our best work.....

dustin [2:18 PM]
shouldn’t chloe and mona get some holiday cheer?

ryan [2:19 PM]
Like maybe Chloe should have some sunglasses on or hide her absolute terror

dustin [2:19 PM]
per phil: maybe we can lose the snowy trees and do jackson square or something more NOLA?

philharmonic [2:19 PM]
Chloe looks like she’s terrified of Bird. I know Chloe very well. She’s not.

beaumoss [2:20 PM]
Ryan do you maybe have a more front facing shot of Bird that may work better? or just take one

amanda [2:21 PM]
I think you should change the font too… we are designers, we can do better.

ryan [2:22 PM]
Bird is dead actually

beaumoss [2:22 PM]
thats awkward...

dustin [2:22 PM]
OH no. what happened?

philharmonic [2:22 PM]
Maybe put “In Memoriam” underneath? Is that inappropriate?

amanda [2:22 PM]
omg is this a memorial card or a happy holiday card???

ryan [2:22 PM]
The family poodles killed her a couple years ago and that's the only pic I have

philharmonic [2:23 PM]
Overall though, I think it’s a good start Beau.

amanda [2:23 PM]
RIP Bird but seriously… this should be cheerful

dustin [2:27 PM]
why are we including a pet that you don’t have… this isn’t pet cemetary

amanda [2:28 PM]
it would look more New Orleans-y if you put them in a cemetery...

philharmonic [2:28 PM]
Yeah, I think the bird has to go
unless it’s in a cemetery. then the bird can stay (edited)

ryan [2:34 PM]
Oooh can we put the Communify logo on Bunny and Teddy's santa hats? Just the "C"
Wait...who's cat looks like it's about to explode from obesity? Is that Oliver?

beaumoss [2:37 PM]
yea… he's happy with how he is

ryan [2:38 PM]
He looks miserably enormous. Maybe it's the sweater

philharmonic [2:39 PM]
You could change the horizontal stripes to be vertical

ryan [2:43]
@philharmonic @dustin Bird is always with me. :heart: He stays.
I guess you could put a halo on top of his antlers.

beaumoss [2:45 PM]
okay here is round 2
Communify Holiday Card Round 2
i went with a flood pic so maybe our national clients can relate better with katrina
i think i have addressed all of your changes except for olivers stripes… i was having some trouble with that one. Let me know if you think we are there.

ryan [2:49 PM]
I'm a tad offended.

philharmonic [2:49 PM]
I don’t know how I feel about the cemetery now…

ryan [2:50 PM]
Can we put Bird in the upright position again WITHOUT a big red X over him?
LOVE the bow on Mona.

philharmonic [2:51 PM]
Which part are you responding to the most about Bird? Is it the color of the X?

philharmonic [2:58 PM]
Does this read like this is OUR pets? Should we maybe name them with the owner’s name? This looks like it’s from the ASPCA looking for donations with the animals in a flood zone.

amanda [2:59 PM]
they look like they need to be rescued! what happened to cheerful?
I like the font though.

ryan [2:59 PM]
I mean, he's supposed to be skateboarding with Christmas cheer. Not crossed out

dustin [3:08 PM]
A dog in a bunny costume
Maybe we should go for a cleaner look and lose the background all together… just focus on the animals. Maybe if you change this to christmas, this will work better for grace. She looks like a monster coming out of the wreath now.

dustin [3:08 PM]
Dustin riding his horse Taffy
Also, if we’re including dead animals, I’d like to include Taffy… she was really an important part of my childhood.

ryan [3:28 PM]
ha.ha. very funny. :middle_finger:

philharmonic [3:37 PM]
maybe we could just do a “Tomb of the remembered pets” or something to include all of our lost ones.

beaumoss [3:41 PM]
Holiday Card Round 3

ryan [4:01 PM]
Starting to wonder if we should be less Christmas-y :hocho::christmas_tree:

dustin [4:21 PM]
This is starting to look like a sad animal holiday party. Any other directions we should explore?

philharmonic [4:42 PM]
Can you try something with less animals?

beaumoss [4:42 PM]
i mean we dont have a ton of time on this… i thought we had all decided this was the way we wanted to go
actually can someone else take over here i really need to work on some things

philharmonic [4:44 PM]
Your cat looks like Jabba the hut, Chloe looks like she’s about to kill somebody, we have a bird with a halo, and a dog with a lettuce necklace … what if we didn’t use pictures?
like stylized or something? something that pops.

amanda [5:01 PM]
as much as I love these animals… photoshopping a bunch of them in various states of happiness and calling it ‘better together’ might not be the way to go...
I want to see them as a team. Like they actually ARE better together.

philharmonic [5:06 PM]
I’ll take a crack at it!


Day 3

philharmonic [11:02 AM]
Less christmas-y, more stylized! Thoughts?
Holiday Card Round 4

ryan [11:06 AM]
I kinda LOVE it

beaumoss [11:14 AM]
i kinda dont think your two pets should be highlighted more than everyone elses. Can they all carry equal weight? i am liking the more stylized approach vs photos

dustin [11:25 AM]
Maybe that should be YOUR holiday card... I think we should leave the pets momentarily and try some other explorations.

philharmonic [11:35 AM]
But I had to highlight my pets … no one would believe a super hero cat

ryan [11:44 AM]
Maybe if they all had cool superhero names. WonderDog, Dr. K-9, SuperBird, and The Fantastic Kitty Rangers.

amanda [12:20 PM]
Well.. you took the superhero comment literally I see. Is that New Orleans in the background or Gotham? I do like the stylized look but I agree now your dogs look like the heros. I don’t really like the police reference either, let’s not politicize this. Make it more peaceful… twinkly stars?

philharmonic [12:35 PM]
They’re going to jail but they’re together… BETTER TOGETHER.
ok fine, will rework

philharmonic [1:11 PM]
Here. Still stylized. No more pets. Got rid of the police. Added a big twinkly star.
Holiday Card round 5

amanda [1:17 PM]
wow… where to start… I still think we are missing the “peaceful” and the “cheerful”. Thanks for your input though.

philharmonic [1:17 PM]
I mean … stars are hot.

amanda [1:25 PM]
fruitcake is good… maybe we just change the whole thing to a fruitcake? @dustin ?

dustin [2:43 PM]
It's hard to tell what that big red thing is.... is it supposed to be a moon? And I still see sirens...

philharmonic [2:44 PM]
it’s a big close twinkly star with a fruitcake truck

amanda [2:47 PM]
and why is the whole scene in red now? nobody mentioned red...

philharmonic [2:52 PM]
because a big ass star is going supernova over the city. Remember Terminator 2?burn2

Hmm … I guess it no longer feels like a holiday card.


Day 4

ryan [10:44 AM]
OK. After some deep reflection with my therapist b/c of this thread and the disturbing image above, I’ve come to the conclusion that the holidays can make everyone a little crazy sometimes…and that we’ve perhaps taken a ginormous left turn somewhere. As much as I like the original cute holiday pet idea, let’s maybe come back to our own brand messaging w/ something a bit more simplistic that says “Better Together” and drop the animals.

dustin [12:31 PM]
Here's a quick mockup that @beaumoss could brand better... but maybe something along these lines?
Holiday Card Round 6

philharmonic [12:32 PM]
hmmm … that’s kinda small and not very exciting
should there be a tree or something? it kinda looks like an upside down lightbulb … is that the opposite of the “idea” lightbulb?

Hello Client, here is our holiday card. No ideas so here’s an upside down lightbulb. Looking forward to next year!

beaumoss [12:52 PM]
not sure on this coloring even tho it's within our brand. Maybe we need to bring in a tad more christmas cheer and i agree with philharmonic, can hardly make out the tiny pic

amanda [4:27 PM]
I like the copy that has changed slightly… we are ALL better together. It kind of brings the viewer into our group. Don’t like the grey either (for this application), and I’m not sure what the lonely little ornament has to do with it. Also, if we’re ALL better together, maybe we shouldn’t be so specific about only the 5 of us on the card? Is there a way to include everyone visually as we did with the copy, so it is sending a more unified message?

philharmonic [4:58 PM]
you mean like a picture of earth?

amanda [5:00 PM]
it’s a metaphor, @philharmonic & @ryan ...Metaphor!

dustin [5:08 PM]
Holiday Card round 7

philharmonic [5:08 PM]
I think it’s too round

ryan [5:09 PM]
I’m going home now.

amanda [5:09 PM]
again with the literal...


Day 5

amanda [5:00 PM]
holiday card round 8
how about something like this? I took that earth theme & pushed a few steps further into the abstract. Also not sure if you wanted it square but I changed it to 5x7 standard card size for ease of printing and finding envelopes…

I also love the idea of thanking our clients/friends/community instead of just ‘messaging’ them. How’s that come across?


Day 6

dustin [10:10 AM]
While the colored dots are pretty on their own, the card is pretty cluttered. I don’t think the 2 Communify logos are necessary and the bow tie seems out of place. I do love the candy cane version of our logo though!

philharmonic [11:56 AM]
I see a rainbow explosion now

beaumoss [12:13 PM]
im confused are these our animals tracks?
i told oliver he could be on the christmas card

amanda [12:17 PM]
wow, you guys said do something other than pets so that’s what I tried to do… now we are back to the animals!? This was supposed to be sent to the printers already!

philharmonic [12:25 PM]
I think we figuratively meant to take off our pets, not literally @amanda

dustin [12:56 PM]
If we can't come up with something today, let's just hold for our Mardi Gras king cake send.

amanda [1:11 PM]
ok I’ll do one last try…


Day 7

amanda [1:15 PM]
Final Holiday Card

philharmonic [1:16 PM]
I love it.

beaumoss [1:17 PM]
omg adorable!!!

dustin [1:27 PM]
If that doesn't say community, I don't know what would... that's a WRAP. cut. print.
@beaumoss can you add some branding and a message?

philharmonic [1:28 PM]
I still think Mona should have a cape.


No animals were hurt during the making of this holiday card. This is a fictional exchange for some holiday fun. Happy Holidays one and all!

Written by Communify

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