We Heart Social Media: 3 Brands Who Are Doing It The Right Way


Okay, let’s start off with some wild statistics: Every day we spend about 15 minutes on Instagram, 35 minutes on Facebook, 1 minute on Twitter, and 40 minutes on Youtube. In a lifetime, our time on Instagram alone equates to 8 months. Yep. 8 months. So, what does that tell me? It tells me that social media is playing a huge role in our lives. We use social media to connect with celebrities, brands, ideals, as well as friends and family. Yet, with all these people and companies vying for our increasingly short attention spans, we, as marketers, have to try even harder to cut through the visual clutter to gain any traction.

Here are three brands that are doing social media right.

Brand 1: Jeep USA

Jeep logo

What is Jeep doing right? Their tone is spot-on every time.
This brand is consistent even when they’re partnering with another brand like Wendy’s. The first post below is about Wendy’s giving away free burgers during the X Games. Jeep isn’t mentioned at all, yet it feels like a natural fit for the brand. The second post includes their iconic grill, which is another tactic Jeep uses to reinforce their brand. They show it in almost every situation, even with hedgehogs.

What can you learn from Jeep?
Consistency is key. Keep your brand voice the same for every post.




Brand 2: Delta Airlines

Delat Logo

What is Delta doing right? They show vs. tell.
The main reason we love Delta’s social media is that they show vs. tell. For example, Delta shows you the destinations they take you to instead of telling you about them. Their posts are visually arresting and tease you with the dream of where you could be right now if you only booked a ticket.

What can you learn from Delta?
Photos matter. Great photography pulls people in. 




Brand 3: M&M’s USA

M&M logo

What is M&M’s is doing right? They aren’t afraid to take risks.
Yes, some of their content is a little wacky, but that’s a good thing. Don’t be afraid to take a lesson from M&M’s and have a little fun with your posts. Not only does it show off your personality, it’s been proven that humor pulls people in and helps them to remember the information you’re sharing. The key to pulling off humor is to know your audience.

What can you learn from M&M’s?
Using humor the right way can increase brand involvement and recall when it comes to special offers or announcements.





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Rachel Wilson
Written by Rachel Wilson
Rachel is a strategic copywriter with a knack for telling brand stories that get people talking, sharing, tweeting and loving the brands she writes for like New Orleans Office of Tourism.

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