We’ve Made Progress, but the LGBTQ Community Is Still Under Attack

Pride is a protest, we shouldn't forget that. But it’s also a celebration. A celebration that allows us as queer people to accept ourselves in the face of constant adversity, even as many people become more accepting. Pride events also show those who haven’t come out yet that it’s ok to be themselves.

Here are a few high profile examples - from the back half of 2021- that show us why we need to keep fighting.

HIV Stigma Persists

Rapper DaBaby told his fans to put their cell phone lighters up if they “didn’t show up [to his concert] with HIV/AIDS”, which he said would make them “die in two to three weeks”. He then went on to ~apologize~ by stating that his comments weren’t actually bad because “none of his gay fans have HIV”, because of course, they aren’t “junkies”. *Shakes head*

Powerful Men Still Resort to Name-Calling

The Lieutenant governor of North Carolina called gay and trans people “filth” and let us all know that he didn’t care if this statement offended anyone.

Homophobia (and Racism and Misogyny) Is a Big Problem in Sports

Jon Gruden - the coach of the Los Angeles Raiders - had his emails leaked in which he attacked Michael Sam by calling him a queer. The emails also showed him using a homophobic slur to refer to someone who he knew wasn’t gay.

Discrimination Against Trans Youth

In 2021, states proposed and passed a record number of laws that ban trans girls from youth sports. 

Hateful Slurs Are Still Abundant

Why did Matt Damon need to be explained to IN 2021, that dropping the f***ot bomb was not appropriate?

Clearly, we still have a loooooong way to go in our fight for equality, the fight to end coming out, and the fight to end the stigma against the LGBTQ community. As we all look towards Pride 2022, be thinking about what you can do to not only celebrate, but make real social change. Happy Pride 365!

Prepare You and Your Brand for Pride Season!

Steven Cortese
Written by Steven Cortese
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