Making Your Mark: What it takes to design an effective logo


A logo is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a brand. It’s more than a mark. It’s a symbol of who you are and what you stand for as a company. Every designer has a different process when creating logo marks.

Some draw dozens of tiny sketches before landing on a few to explore on the computer. Some use word association to jumpstart their creativity. And some get inspired by looking at images and photographs. Yet, we believe the most effective logos are created when you do a mixture of the above, combined with a thorough deep-dive into a brand.

When we begin designing a logo for a client we want to know everything. Going beyond what the brand does, we want to know how the brand makes their customers feel. That way, we can design a logo that evokes the emotions we’re trying to create. After all, according to Harvard Professor Gerald Zaltman, 95% of our buying decisions are made subconsciously. He states, “Emotion is what really drives purchasing behaviors, and also, decision making in general.”

So, to help give you a better understanding about our creative process, here’s a quick Q&A about logo design with our very own talented designers.

Questions For The Team

What makes a great logo?

A great logo is simple & unique. It’s likely the first thing people see, so it sets the tone for the brand’s identity and is the forward-facing reflection of the brand’s inner values. It visually looks good as a standalone piece, whether big or small, it has personality, and is immediately recognizable.

— Amanda

When asked to create a logo, what is the first thing you do to start the creative process?

I do lots and lots of research on the brand and their competitive landscape. It’s also incredibly important for me to fully understand the goals of the rebrand in the first place.

— Dustin

On average how many designs do you create before you land on 2 or 3 to share with the client?

I usually end up with 6-to-8 for the first round and then narrow them down for the client review. Although, sometimes narrowing takes place while I’m designing because as I create things I discover what works and what doesn’t.

— Beau

How do you select colors for a brand?

I look for colors that a customer could instantly recognize the moment they see the product being advertised — even before the brand’s logo is revealed.

— Daryan

How much time on average does it take to design a successful logo?

That’s highly dictated by the budget and complexity of any certain logo. I believe a designer could work on a logo for years if allowed, but knowing how to achieve it within time constraints is the real skill.

— Dustin

What are the things you take into consideration when designing a logo?

It’s important to get to know a brand’s personality and the type of attention they want to draw. It can completely alter the directions you begin to go in when designing as opposed to just designing based on a name or their specific field of business.

— Beau

What is your one hard rule about logo design?

Don’t make it too complicated. Simple is better.

— Amanda

What’s a logo mark you’re proud you created? Why do you like it? What was it trying to communicate?

ProofPilot. The mark we ended up creating is so simple, yet complex at the same time, with graphic nods to the brand’s purpose. The mark itself takes on more than one meaning and is extremely versatile in its application.

— Beau

The concept behind our ProofPilot logo


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